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1. About technology

“Khmer Automatic Speech Recognition (Khmer ASR)” is a system that uses Artificial Intelligence technology to automatically convert speech and audio files in Khmer to text. . The system was developed entirely by a team of young researchers from the Academy of Digital Technology of Cambodia (formerly the National Institute of Posts, Telecommunications, Information and Communication Technology) of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, using a combination of Statistical Learning and Deep methods. Learning, a new method for creating automated systems to convert speech into written text for complex and low-data languages ​​in digital form.

2. Benefits

This technology may allow the Cambodian technology research and development community to use or equip other systems or technologies for the following key tasks:

1. Facilitate and speed up the implementation of daily tasks, such as recording meetings and other programs that are not very noisy, such as the conversion of speech into written text, the conversion of teaching voice into written text in training work. Etc.

2. Equipped with technology to assist people with disabilities in their work and daily life.

3. Develop Voice Command technology in Khmer on objects and equipment.


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Khmer font on Telegram for desktop is very tiny by default.To fix this problem, you have change default font Microsoft windows by update registry.

Option 1:

  1. Hold Winkey + R to open Run ->  type “regedit“ (user must have Administrator privileged)
  2. Navigate to : Computer/HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Microsoft > Windows NT > CurrentVersion > FontSubstitutes
  3. Modify value data to your preferred font name. ex: “Khmer OS Content”
  4. Restart your computer

Option 2:

Don't need to follow step in option 1. You just download this registry file save on your computer. Fix Telegram Font to KhmerOSContent.reg.

1. after download please rename file remove extension .txt

(rename from Fix Telegram to KhmerOSContent.reg.txt to Fix Telegram to KhmerOSContent.reg)

    2. Double click on file or Right on this file and select Merge (user must have Administrator privileged) -> Yes -> OK

    3. Then restart your computer.


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 If you have the time and capacity to manually upload your images one by one, you can use our free online image OCR service. There is no catch, the service is 100% free with unlimited uploads. No registration is even needed.!

However, if you really have high volume of scanned text images (PNG, JPG, TIFF, etc) and are looking for fast processing batch OCR, we can do that offline for you quickly and accurately for a small fee.
Usually, we process couple of pages for free and share the results with you to check the quality of service before starting batch OCR.
Batch OCR Results
  1. Searchable PDF (PDF/A) for every image
  2. MSWord document ".doc" file for every image
  3. Combined searchable PDF for all images
  4. Combined MSWord document ".doc" for all images
For more information, contact us:

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TACTENG A True Type Font download link

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